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App Development

You have the "Next Biggest App Idea" and we have the "Best Team to develop IT"

We have delivered our service of App Developments to majority brands by developing best in class mobile apps on Android and iOS. Our company has top professionals who possess an expertise in developing custom mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Being one of the top mobile application development companies, our prime motive is attending to our clients' requirement and achieving the bonafide results. Implementation of latest technology is our mission which assists us in the delivery of mobile apps that are high-end in performance.

In mobile app development domain, we offer the following –

1) Android App Development
2) iPhone App Development
3) iPad App Development
4) Smart-Tv App Development

Android App Development
Today, almost 75 percent of smartphones and other mobile devices is powered by Android OS. Due to such a huge Android base, Android app development is part of top businesses and their core strategy. And we are here to deliver the best in class apps to clients globally! Our team at Bull 18 has the requisite tools and infrastructure that helps us to create, test and ace the Apps. To develop these Apps, we make use of android SDK, Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs and security architecture.

iPhone App Development
A 25 percent of market share of iPhones, the highest revenue generated by these apps are due to the great monetizations. We help the client from conception, architecture and design of the app to the development and setting it for live. Our apps can provide the following services: web services, social media integration, streaming, augmented reality, push messaging, ad serving, web services integration and database synchronization.

Website Development

We, at Bull18, don't just develop websites but also help develop your business. Not only our we providing complete web solutions but will help your business reach a platform which will serve the audience targeted.

Now let us get a bit into detail with what we do! We specialize in conventions of customizing website designing, website development and it's maintenance, multimedia preparations and website redesigning, E-commerce websites, PHP web development, software and portal developments. The team working on the above mentioned tasks is well experienced and have the skills to help cater to every need coming from varied industries.

Having an extensive team of highly proficient website developers and website designers and programmers; we can custom-create websites giving us an edge over other companies since we have a vast experience in dealing with clients with different goals, visions, and ideas for their respective business websites. To compete in today's time, speed and efficiency is a must and our dedicated and friendly workforce is always ready to help you whenever required.

To grab anyone's attention it is only a matter of 15 seconds, therefore we create designs that are dynamic in nature and will keep the customer focused on your website.

We serve to major brands and our clienteles are from various industries whom we have successfully delivered our services to. Some Of the features offered:

1) Responsive Design

2) Web Marketing

3) User Friendly

4) SEO Friendly

5) Support

6) Social Media Integration

Press Release

The Press Release is a concept that Bull18 Network believes in to deliver great results by reaching the market and helping your business flourish.

Bull18 Network can help get your brand the national media coverage on IP portals and first-page search engine visibility. And at the price of what? Just one news story.

We help deliver the Media Coverage Through Well-Written and Fully Optimized Press Releases that will be directly focusing on your requirements. We write online SEO press releases that serve as news stories and include your company information and everything that you need to get out there in the market. And what better way than doing it through an online portal that will help you get all the traffic as well as boost your recognition.

Since our inception, we have had a lot of experience and have noticed a trend that online press releases rarely gain traction unless written as a news story. All stories that look self-serving is generally ignored by Journalists and readers online. And a press release written by Bull 18 Network is indistinguishable from a news story by a journalist.

Our press releases are regularly featured on such sites:


And it is only because of such high-level online public relations exposure that has brought so many brands to work with us.

The Search Engine(SEO) Benefits of Press Releases are:
It is a common query that "What does SEO have to do with Press Release?" It's simple! A well drafted and focused online press release may appear in the "News Results" section on the search engine.
A keyword-optimized press release will show up on popular searches and increase visibility immediately and will be ultimately benefiting your brand.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

One of the biggest concern of today in this social media haul, we understand what the impact it makes on a brand name and its presence. A business venture can either boom or doom depending upon its popularity in the market and what it has got to offer. Trust is the key, and when we say it you've got to give in a try. It isn't a walk in the park  to have a buzzing social media presence, but years of research and activities.

A calculated exhibition in terms of Social Media Optimization (SMO) can prove to be a considerable edge over your competitors. Give your brand the much needed boost to reach a triumphant success by choosing Bull 18 Network, the best social media optimization company.

Being one of the pioneering SMO companies in the web marketing mihrab, Bull18 Network includes high-end SMO standards in order to make the website visible in web communities.

No matter whether the business is small, medium or big sized, our SMO Strategies are curated to serve all forms and sizes of business with its multiple benefits. We have successfully grabbed the attention of businesses with our viral marketing potential. Services that we are offering are: Strong Position in Search Engines, Increase in traffic Conversion, Better Branding and reputation, Increase in number of inbound links and Value for money Guaranteed.

So let us help you give your business that extra edge in this online arena by ensuring rapid business growth at affordable costs. Avail the services at Bull 18 Network since nothing serves better than Social media optimization services and see the difference for yourself.

To know us and our work better, get in touch with us. We are here to answer your queries and offer you all the assistance.

The expert team from Bull18 Network offer you the best strategy optimum for your business when it comes to the Social Media Optimization. We have a dedicated team at our backend who execute online content and optimisation tools for your target audience in order to help you the customer or fan base that you wish to pursue. We promise to deliver to you a digital marketing campaign so exquisite; you will feel the change in your digital marketing game.

We use our years of experience and award winning proficiency to bring forth a complete package of SMO tools and solutions that your business requires. We work in order to help your business deliver the best results by fully outcome oriented services provided from our end. Get an extra mile ahead in your social game with only Bull18 Network.


Since Bull18 Network is a digital marketing network where strategies are curated integrally for driving customers to your business via our platform. We work with a collection of tools and best practices that will help your business rank higher in search engine results which will thereby drive more traffic to your site and potentially more business.

Although SEO earlier involved adding keywords to your site for search engines to find. However 2019 has changed the game makine SEO more complex and involving a much broader scope of considerations.

How does SEO work?

Search engine are not humans but the inbuilt software that crawls the world wide web page content and unlike humans these engines are text driven. The elements that are known to build up a quality score are mentioned below:

1) Website names and URLs

2) Page content

3) Meta tags

4) Characteristics of Link

5) Usability and accessibility

6) Page design

Now let's get go a bit in detail and tell you how the entire process is executed:

1) Crawling: Like a human body part, every software has a crawler or commonly called as a spider that crawls or scrutinizing web content. It isn't possible for crawlers to visit a page regularly or may do so once in a month and not frequently.

2) Indexing: The spiders or the crawlers store the indexed page in a giant database post-crawling from where those can be retrieved upon entering a related search string or keyword. For humans it may not be an easy task but for spiders it's an everyday task.

3) Search work: With every search process in the search engine, the process of execution begins. More than millions of pages have the same search phrases so we help you build a content that differs.

4) Algorithms: A search algorithm is a diagnostic that sorts through a record that contains cataloged keywords that have relevancy.

Transparency, Technology, and Training will get you far with conversions and this will only be at Bull 18 Network.


There are innumerable number of services that Bull18 Network has been successfully providing its clients that are specially curated to suit the client requirements. However, we'd like you to know more about what we can offer to you so that you and your brand can make your online presence felt and we are here to provide you groundbreaking results!
When it comes to brand recognition and public relations, Bull18 Network successfully provides the following services:

1) Insights-Driven PR Strategy: Our in-house research and development department lays all the basic foundations for insight based PR services and prepare communication campaigns for the success.

2) Public Relations: The basis of public relations is sound management and brand management. To maintain, nurture and develop a healthy public profile across today’s complex communications channels

3) Media Relations: The Public Relations department strives to help deliver results in digital and traditional media.

4) Social and Digital Media: Timely and effective use of social channels requires strategy and constant care is the backbone for maintaining public relations. To accomplish this goal, we serve as an online community managers, digital strategists, content developers, customer engagement counselors and data analysts for renowned leading brands.

5) Content Development and Distribution: To top it all,  paid and owned media is a part of our communications strategy. Branded content, blogs, thought leadership articles, white papers and opinion pieces are all part of Bull18 services. The above mentioned matter more than ever, but none matter without a sound distribution strategy.

6) Measuring Success: Your PR investments success will be merchandised to internal as well as external audiences. Our operations are centered on data based insights and performance analysis which also includes ongoing adjusting and fine tuning to achieve optimum results.